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5 Stralis trucks from Iveco to Meryildiz

IVECO Automotive, the authorized dealer of IVECO on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, delivered 5 stralis AS440S48 T / P retarder towed trucks to Meryıldız International Transportation Company.

One of our company’s owners Ömer Yıldız, Iveco Vehicles ndustry Turkey Truck Sales Manager Murat Uçaklı, IVECO Vehicle Industry Regional Sales Manager Yusuf Pekel, IVECO Automotive Truck Sales Manager Korhan Yeşil, and IVECO Automotive Regional Sales Officer Mustafa Kaynar participated in the delivery ceremony.

Ömer Yıldız stated that they preferred IVECO brand because it is one of the best in its class especially in terms of scope of warranty terms and Total Cost of Ownership.


Murat Uçaklı expressed his satisfaction with the cooperation with Meryıldız International Transportation, and stated that they will give them the best service after sales.


Stralis: Total cost of ownership (TCO2) champion 


The energy management that Stralis focuses on provides a significant decrease in the total cost of ownership in all kinds of tasks and routes. The new engines are being revised to reduce friction and turn off the engine after a certain period of idling to save energy. 

Single reduction rear axle improves gear geometry, reduces friction, optimizes fuel consumption. Compared to the previous models, these features provide a double digit improvement in fuel-efficiency.

The new generation 12-speed HI-TRONIX automatic forward gear used in Stralis was developed in conjunction with ZF. Possessing one of the most advanced technology, this gear increases resistance and decreases expenses dramatically. HI-TRONIX reduces gearshift time by 10 percent, making it twice as fast as the previous generation. The transmission box, durable to 1.6 million km and ideal for night tasks because of the 6-decibel noise reduction, has the best torque-to-mass ratio in its own class, and also reduces maintenance costs with its modular and service-friendly structure. 

The rear suspension is completely redesigned to increase efficiency and durability. The new design is lighter and preserves performance. This lightness means 45 kg more loading capacity. By treating all metallic surfaces, high wear resistance is ensured while maintenance costs are reduced.

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